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If you like sex, you're fine because 3DXChat is the most popular adult multiplayer sex game of the moment. Evolve into a 3D virtual world where you will meet men and women looking for sex just like you. Join the 3DXChat community and enjoy unlimited virtual sex games with real people behind their screens.
This online porn game is the only place online where you can satisfy all your unconfessed fantasies, become the person you want and assume the sexuality of your choice: threesome, orgies, sex with a mask, sex for gays and lesbians, everything is designed on 3DXChat to allow you to thrive sexually with thousands of other players like you.

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Here is a little overview of what you have in this 3D Sex Game :
Women and men with an irresistible desire for sex, hot sex positions, a good dose of excitement and thousands of addicted players who come for the same as you, so many points that make 3DXChat promise you to spend unforgettable moments. Specifically, you create an avatar to your image (or not) and you wander in different environments while talking with the community that is there for one thing: virtual sexual encounters. Believe it or not, it works pretty well.
3DXChat has an amazing World Editor with endless possibilities. Build your worlds, locations, clubs, islands, penthouses and whatever you like. Share locations with other players and have fun. Every day players create more and more new worlds.
Share your created objects with the 3DXChat community and let people from all over the world appreciate your art.


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Virtual Reality

3DXChat VR

Meet the future of adult entertainment ! 3DXChat is the most advanced 3D adult multiplayer game on the planet with amazing 3D action and virtual reality support with Oculus Rift CV1.
Something you might wonder is how VR Porn idea was born, and how VR Game Porn was born !?
There was a need to go a step further from classic boring xxx adult games, we needed something much more real, closer and kinkier.
That’s why we created that extension, to get experiences closer to reality. Besides, virtual reality XXX allows us to stop being just spectators and get into the show and the excitement.
With Oculus VR glasses, you never play a computer screen again, you are completely in the game !

3DXChat supports VStroker Fleshlight, the most advanced virtual sex system in the world.
This "penis controller" transmits any penetration of the FleshLight male sex toy to the pussy, ass or mouth of virtual girls in real time.
3DXChat is the future of virtual sex games and it's here!

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  • 3DXChat Review MMO


    "The 3D graphics and animations in this game have reached a level of detail and realism that can’t be found in any other game on the market right now."

  • Sex MMORPG Review


    "The best way to describe it would be to say that it is basically a hardcore pornographic, virtual reality version of The Sims focused on interacting with other players."

  • Adult Game Review


    "3DXChat is an interactive game made for adults who want to connect and feel a unique sensual experience in the virtual 3D world of gaming."